This sweet pup was found on craigslist at 7 weeks old for $30, listed as a puppy with down syndrome whose owner could no longer care for.  Einstein actually suffers from Hydrocephalus, a condition where his spinal fluid over flows into his brain and builds up pressure.  Some call this condition "water of the brain."  Many pets that suffer with this are blind, walk abnormally or spastically, display changes in behavior, circling or falling over on one side, and fail to house train or learn basic commands. There is a surgery to relieve this pressure by placing a shunt in his brain.  This is something we will consider as he grows stronger and gets older.  Our current plan with Einstein is to monitor his growth and development, feed him lots of good food and provide ample love.  Einstein will stay in the rescue until further notice to ensure quality health and care. 




Drax was taken into Gaston County Animal Control on 8/7/19 as a stray. He presented with a head tilt to the right, decreased palpebral reflex, visually impaired, intention tremor when eating, muscle wasting on head, underweight, worn incisors, alopecia ventral cervical area, and dark discharge in both ears (treated). When he was in the Gaston College Veterinary Technician program they were practicing obtaining sterile urine samples. On ultrasound a program doctor noticed something in the spleen. A complete diagnosis could not be made without doing a biopsy so we will have one scheduled with our doctor. Drax is also heartworm positive and will need to be neutered.  He is estimated to be around 5 years old and 55lbs. Drax has a long road ahead of him but he is a total love bug.  He is dog friendly, loves to cuddle and deserves a life of love and affection.  We will keep everyone posted on his journey. 


The test results are in and he is now being treated for a urinary tract infection, ear infection, and an antibiotic to start with his heartworm treatment. The great news is that the mass on Drax’s spleen is benign, meaning noncancerous! The not so great news is he has some serious neurological issues that will need to be addressed before we can start heartworm treatment. We will schedule to see the Neurology team at Charlotte Animal Referral and Emergency (CARE) and find out what our next steps will be.