Join Our Team!

We are always looking for like-minded people to help save lives with.  If you are interested in making a difference in a dog or cat's life, please consider becoming a foster!

Please email completed forms to HarveysHeroesDogRescue@Gmail.Com  

We Provide Everything You Need!



Each pet is different and will require food, vitamins and personalized care.  We provide the best quality food to our foster pets to ensure their health and comfort. 



If used correctly a crate is a dog's happy place.  It is where they can seek comfort and feel safe.  All of our dogs are crate trained for their safety and sleep in their crates at night and while their foster parent is away. 

Blankets and Towels


We want to keep our foster pets happy and comfortable.  Thanks to our many supporters we are able to provide beds, towels and blankets for our foster pets. When our foster's go to their forever homes we highly recommend they go with a favorite blanket and toy. 

Toys & Treats


We have been fortunate enough to have many toys and treats donated to our rescue.  When you foster for us we will provide age and size appropriate toys to help with mental stimulation and appropriate chewing. 

Collars and Leashes


We have many new collars and leashes to fit each of our foster pets as well as harnesses and gentle leaders.  Each foster is fitted to an appropriate collar with an identification tag that links them to the rescue. 

All Medical Care


HHDR pays for all medical care for our fosters and will even compensate your gas money to and from vet visits.