About Us


Who is Harvey?

Harvey was rescued from a rural shelter in Tennessee the Winter of 2008 by our Founder, Sara, while she attended Appalachian State University. He was a 30lb, 3 month old lab mix that instantly stole Sara's heart.  This was our founder's first time visiting a rural shelter and it really opened her eyes to the reality of the over population problem we have.  Ever since she walked into that shelter she has made it her top priority to help dogs in need. 


What we stand for

Harvey's Heroes Dog Rescue was born in 2017 to meet a major need in the world of rescue, the significance of quality of rescues instead of just quantity. We believe that our handling of each individual pet should be top priority. Our focus is on doing what is best for each animal individually and placing them in the ultimate forever home that will satisfy their individual wants and needs. 

All of our dogs are in foster homes, not kennels.  This is the best way to socialize our pets and provide a chance for them to learn basic manners while we learn about their personalities. By having our animals in our homes we are able to transition our pets to their adopters easily, creating a higher success rate when matching dogs with adopters so they are not frequently return.

We believe in honesty. We will never adopt out a dog with a medical issue or behavioral trait that we know about without disclosing it to the adopter. We do complete medical care prior to adoption and work with professional trainers as needed.  


Our Volunteers

Running a dog rescue takes a group of passionate, patient, intelligent and selfless people who dedicate their time to helping others.  We are lucky to have some of the best people supporting our mission and are always looking for others who share our same goals. 

If you are interested in Fostering for HHDR please visit our Foster Application Page.